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Adults aged 50 to 64 eligible for free flu shots

The second phase of government-funded seasonal flu vaccines kicked off on Monday. In this phase, adults aged 50 to 64 without preexisting health conditions are eligible for a shot. A health expert is urging people to accept every vaccine against respiratory diseases that they qualify for.

Huang Li-min
NTU Children’s Hospital
It’s a must that we get our shots for respiratory diseases before year’s end. That includes vaccines for the seasonal flu and the pneumococcal vaccine. If the last time you received a whooping cough vaccine was 10 years ago or more, you should consider getting that shot as well. Consider getting a shot this winter for every disease that involves bacteria or viruses in the respiratory tract. This winter, if you have a 5-year-old at home, the only way to provide COVID protection is to protect everybody in your child’s vicinity.

Taiwan purchased 6.3 million seasonal flu vaccine doses this year. About 40% has already been administered. Eligible people who did not get vaccinated in the first rollout are still eligible in the second. The CECC warns that an interval of at least seven days should be left between a flu shot and COVID shot. That way, if the recipient develops an adverse reaction, it will be easier to determine which vaccine caused it.

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