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If a traveler has a COVID-19 RT-PCR test report issued by an EU member state (such as France), can the traveler board a flight to Taiwan in another country (such as Germany or the Netherlands)?

If a traveler enters another country (such as going from an EU member state to another member state) or area (such as going from mainland China to Hong Kong or Macao) by means of transportation, such as by car, train, or boat, other than by air, before boarding a flight to Taiwan, as long as the format and information of test report fully comply with requirements, and the test report is issued within 3 days prior to the flight schedule time, the traveler may board their flight to Taiwan; such a traveler must also abide by border quarantine measures imposed by the local government of the place of departure and comply with terms and conditions and policies concerning providing services to passengers issued by each airline.

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