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Why must all travelers arriving at an airport in Taiwan or transit passengers present a COVID-19 RT-PCR test report issued within 3 days prior to the flight schedule time regardless of their nationality or the purpose of their visit to Taiwan?
  1. Due to the trend of the 19 pandemic worldwide, to ensure that the movement of people does not increase the risk of disease transmission, to maintain air travel safety, and to ensure the effectiveness of Taiwan's measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic, travelers are therefore asked to present their COVID-19 RT-PCR test report prior to boarding in order to protect against community spread and maintain citizens' health. 
  2. The goal of overseas testing is to ensure that travelers and airlines gain an understanding of travelers' health conditions prior to boarding, and enable airlines to take appropriate preventive measures based on travelers' infection risk for the purpose of reducing the chance that COVID-19 will be transmitted on a flight. In addition, if testing is only performed after travelers enter the country, this might keep a large number of travelers at airports to await testing, which would also increase the chance of infection. 
  3. The requirement requesting travelers to provide RT-PCR test reports is imposed in accordance with Subparagraph 2, Paragraph 1, Article 58 of the Communicable Disease Control Act, which states that detailed and accurate communicable disease records shall be submitted in accordance with the central competent authority's regulations, and verification of health conditions or other relevant documents shall be submitted as needed; those who violate these regulations shall be fined NT$10,000-150,000 in accordance with Article 69 of this Act. 

※From May 19 to June 18, 2021, transit travelers will be temporarily barred from entry. Entry restrictions and quarantine measures will be adjusted on a rolling basis depending on the status of the pandemic and effectiveness of those measures.

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