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Responsible Businesses

Civil Service Ethics Office
Handle the processing and coordination of civil service ethics, maintenance of government agency security, and maintaining the secrecy of official secrets in accordance with the law.
Personnel Office
Handle personnel management affairs in accordance with the law.
Accounting Office
Handle annual budgeting and accounting in accordance with the law and concurrently handle statistical affairs.
Planning and Administration Section
Research and examine, serve the people, handle legal affairs, the health bureau's assessment plan for affiliated health centers, overall planning for medical funds, documents, general affairs, cashiering, information, property, construction equipment of health centers.
Food and Drug Section
Food Businesses
  1. Management of the registration system for food businesses
  2. Management of food traceability system
  3. Inspection and management of food safety and hygiene (GHP)
  4. Management of HACCP food safety system (dairy products, lunch boxes, international tourist hotels)
  5. Sampling inspection management of food, food additives, eating utensils, food containers or packaging, and food detergents
  6. Monitoring, verification and management of food labeling and advertising
  7. Handling of food hygiene inspections
  8. Handling of applications for sanitation management personnel in food manufacturing plants
  9. Handling of food safety and sanitation reports, petition cases, and rewards
  10. Handling of food poisoning cases
  11. Handling of graded assessments of catering hygiene management
  12. Giving out courses for cooking/hygiene training
  13. Managing food hygiene volunteer training
Drug Administration businesses
  1. Management of Drugs (drugs and medical equipment)
  2. Management of Cosmetics
  3. Registration and management of pharmacies and drug distributors
  4. Counseling and management of cosmetics manufacturers
  5. Sampled inspections and management of drugs and cosmetics
  6. Management of controlled drugs
  7. Investigation and seizing of illegal drugs (fake, poor quality, prohibited drugs, and poor medical equipment)
  8. Banning of unlicensed drug distributors (ex. street vendors that are selling drugs)
  9. Counseling of related associations (Western medicine, Chinese medicine, pharmacists, assistant pharmacists, medical equipment, clocks & watches & optics associations)
  10. Registration and application for change registrations for medical institutions, pharmacies, and western medicine distributors for controlled drugs
  11. Inspection of advertisements for illegal drugs and cosmetics
  12. Management of reserve medicinal materials for temporary or emergency rescue
  13. Promotion of separation for prescribing and dispensing drugs
  14. Processing of applications from laboratory test cases when consumers suspect the quality of taking Chinese medicine (mixed with western medicine) or the quality of used cosmetics
  15. Handling applications for sanitary approval of cosmetics manufacturers
Mental Health and Laboratory Section
Promotion of mental health and suicide prevention
  1. Reporting and management of subsequent follow-up care (includes referral services).
  2. Follow-up counseling and mental health screening for high-risk groups for suicide.
  3. Suicide prevention education and hotline operator training.
  4. Promotion of mental health education and hotlines.
  5. Disaster psychology and mental health work.
Mental health
  1. Handling of the management and follow-up care of mental health patients in the community.
  2. Providing consultation services for mental health care resources.
  3. Assisting the referral of mental health patients and mandatory delivery to seek treatment for severe patients.
  4. Assisting in consultation, referral, and appeals of social welfare resources for mental health patients.
  5. Accepting applications for publicly-funded long-term nursing beds for mental health patients that aren’t being tended to by their relatives.
  6. Handling of public mental health education and promotion lectures.
  7. Formulating community care plans for mental health patients.
  8. Management of mental health care and mental rehabilitation institutions.
Drug hazard prevention businesses
  1. Follow-up counseling of drug addiction cases
  2. Transitional counseling for drug addiction cases before leaving prison
  3. Hosting seminars for the hazards of Class III and IV Drugs
  4. Providing referral psychological counseling, employment transition, social welfare resource counseling, legal counseling, school services, medical treatment, family support and other related services for drug addiction cases.
  5. Handling creative and diversified drug abuse health education and promotion for various subjects
  6. Handling the recruitment and training of volunteers for Drug Prevention Centers.
  7. Convening meetings for advisory committees, quarterly reports and work groups for Drug Abuse Prevention Centers.
  8. Formulating, compiling, and implementing various government subsidized programs for Drug Abuse Prevention Centers.
  9. Holding consultation services for the free consultation hotline 0800-770-885 of the Drug Abuse Prevention Centers.
Inspection businesses
  1. Food hygiene inspections: Food chemical and micro organism inspections
  2. Clinical public health inspection: HIV testing, serological tests for syphilis, ameba tests
  3. Sanitation inspections of hot springs and pools: Coliform group and total colonies
Handling of domestic violence and sexual assault prevention and designated hospitals
Counseling and supervision of alcohol addiction treatment services and alcohol addiction institutions
Health Section
  1. Maternal and child health: Management of health for high-risk/maternal individuals, reporting of births, hearing tests for newborns, prenatal care, family planning, women’s health, birth counseling for new immigrants and the indigenous
  2. Children's health: investigation and counseling for kindergartens, promotion and counseling of health in schools, eye care for children, hearing tests for children, growth retardation tests for children, prevention of accidental injuries, and preventive health care for children.
  3. Adolescent health: adolescent reproductive health promotion and health clinic counseling
  4. Prevention and treatment of chronic diseases for middle-aged and elderly individuals: integrated community testing, shared care for diabetes, group counseling for diabetic individuals, diabetic vision tests to rural areas, prevention and treatment of kidney diseases, rural health care service plans, integrated prevention and delay of disabilities and age-friendly city plans.
  5. Cancer prevention and treatment: oral cancer, colorectal cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer testing, liver cancer testing and referral for treatment, operation of mammography trucks and pap smear trucks
  6. Vision care: children's vision testing, elderly retina testing and advocacy.
  7. Prevention of accidental injuries: collect the causes of accidental injuries in the county over the years, and publicly promote the prevention of accidental injuries
  8. Occupational health: promotion and advocation of healthy workplaces (includes certification of healthy workplaces, scoring sheets for health promotion at healthy workplaces), labor health inspections.
  9. Creating healthy living environments: promoting healthy and balanced diets, physical activity and exercising, and healthy postures.
  10. Tobacco control: promoting awareness towards the hazards of smoking and exposure to second-hand smoking at schools, workplaces, and communities, provide counseling on the establishment of smoke-free environments, establishing smoking cessation clinics and service networks, smoking cessation hotlines and promotion of tobacco hazard prevention and control on consultation hotlines, various law enforcement inspections of on-site smoking hazards.
  11. Management of health volunteers: hold training sessions, assessments, management, and rewarding of health volunteers at hospitals, civil organizations, and health centers.
  12. Establishing healthy communities: counseling communities, government agencies, and organizations to apply for plans to establish healthy communities.
  13. Transportation subsidy affairs for the indigenous people seeking medical treatment and the use of long-term care resources: handling the transportation subsidy affairs and promotion for indigenous people seeking medical treatment and long-term care resources.
  14. Healthy City plans: cross-bureau and office cooperation, establishing international/domestic and characteristic evaluation indicators, training sessions, applications for international certification and counseling to participate in domestic and international award selections.
Long-term Care Section
  1. Applications for long-term care services.
  2. Formulating and implementing annual long-term care plans.
  3. Developing, integrating, and managing long-term care resources for homes, communities, and institutions.
  4. Contacting and coordinating care providers.
  5. Handling of the implementation of education and training for service providers at internal and external institutions.
  6. Education, training, and advocacy for long-term care.
  7. Handling of long-term care appeals from the public.
  8. Handling of the domestic and international care application services.
  9. Handling of Pap scale home evaluation services.
  10. Handling of other care management-related tasks.
  11. Taitung County long-term care service items and fee subsidy standards (hyperlink)
  12. Handling of the identification of the physically and mentally disabled
    • Designated hospitals for identification by the County
    • Announcement for disability identification fees by the County.

Medical Affairs Section

Management of medical staff
  1. Civil application cases for business condition registrations of medical personnel's practices, cessation of businesses, and changes
  2. Application for “Proof of having No Disciplinary Records for Medical Personnel”
  3. Management of public-funded students that are medical personnel
  4. Medical personnel certificate IC Card related application businesses
  5. Medical personnel support and reporting businesses
Management of medical institutions
  1. The establishment, expansion, suspension, closure, and changes to registration items for medical institutions
  2. Management of medical institutions (includes evaluations, supervisions, and assessments)
Medical Affairs business management
  1. Management of medical advertising
  2. Banning of medical violation cases
  3. Review of medical fee standards and mediations for medical disputes
  4. Management of inspections for hospital-specific medical technology and medical instrument registrations
Emergency ambulance business
  1. Establish regional emergency medical rescue command networks, integrate the functions of the emergency services department of the responsible hospitals in the county to ensure that people receive proper medical care
  2. Counseling and supervision of first-aid duty hospitals
  3. Application for the establishment and management of ambulances
  4. Large-scale event support and rescue, disaster prevention businesses, formation of civil defense medical care teams, regular education and first-aid related training for medical staff
  5. Preparation for all-out defense mobilization
  6. First-aid medical violence
  7. Central Medical Support Project
  8. Improvement plans for rural townships with insufficient resources
Management of nursing businesses: establishment and expansion of nursing institutions
Other businesses
  1. Emergency air medical transportation, emergency evacuations
  2. Plans to improve delivery for medical care (IDS)
  3. Matters relevant to National Health Insurance medical care
  4. Management of public-funded students
  5. Plans to eliminate barriers for medical treatment with rebate funds from lottery coupons
  6. Eastern Medical Area Counseling and Medical Resource Integration Plans
  7. Telemedicine businesses

Disease Control Section

Prevention and treatment of infectious diseases

Reporting, monitoring and management of various infectious disease cases, prevention and treatment of the enterovirus, prevention and treatment of the dengue fever, prevention and treatment of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, management and inspection of infection control at hospitals, H5N1 monitoring operations, influenza pandemic response strategies along with evaluations and preparation plans, H1N1 prevention and treatment, investigations of pandemics, monitoring of pandemics at ports and harbors, environmental disinfection, health education and advocacy.

Preventive vaccination
  1. Diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis, inactivated polio and Haemophilus influenza type b conjugate vaccine (5in1), hepatitis B, hepatitis A, measles, rubella, mumps (MMR), chickenpox, and Japanese encephalitis vaccines for infants.
  2. Vaccination inspections and supplementary vaccinations for new students and preschool infants at elementary schools.
  3. Influenza vaccinations.
  4. Pneumococcal conjugate vaccination
  5. Distribution and management of anti-flu drugs.
  6. Management of venomous snake vaccines.
  7. Management of cold transportation and refrigeration systems for vaccines.
Vendor Sanitation
  1. Handling business premises inspections (hotel businesses, swimming businesses, hairdressing and beauty businesses, entertainment businesses, bathing and hot spring businesses, swimming businesses and film screening businesses).
  2. Handling vendor sanitation training for business owners.
  3. Conduct sampling inspections of water quality for hot springs and swimming pools.
Foreign (migrant) worker health management: foreigner (migrant) worker health checks and verification.
Prevention and treatment of tuberculosis: management and monitoring of tuberculosis, health education and advocacy, BCG vaccination business.

Township and municipal health centers

  1. Matters such as medical treatment at clinics, roving medical treatment, emergency rescue, and laboratory diagnosis.
  2. Maternal and infant health, community care, disease prevention, vaccination, national nutrition, mental health, health education and health statistics, food vendor sanitation, business sanitation, household hygiene, and medical management.
  3. Other relevant health care matters.
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